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Friday, October 15, 2010

Chapter 36 of the Hub Pages serial story - Jenny's Life


The Reynolds girls' track team is celebrating the upset win of their other co-captain, Tara Kimbler over three more heralded challengers. The excitement is so infectuous for all as Tara continues to revel in her victory. Jenny gets another answer to a long troubling question.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Chapter 4 of the Hub Pages serial - The Family Secrets

The Lies Begin - The Family Secrets - Chapter 4
Cy and Elaine DeMarco arrive at their sprawling lake house first, which means they can successfully arrange the house to look like they are still married, concealing their separation from the rest of the family. They receive their own surprise when they realize their Japanese caretaker has moved his elderly mother into the unattached cottage and she will be sharing their time at the refuge.
As their children arrive and realize the cottage is taken, their plans to avoid sharing some of their secrets are dealt an unexpected complication. Now the secrets threaten to reveal themselves ahead of their schedules.

Chapter 34 of the Hub Pages serial story - Jenny's Life

Changing the calculus - Jenny's Life - Part 34

Jenny Drake's return to the state track finals is complete, with only a couple more preliminary races to go before the showcase event. Just moments after an encounter with Oleg Pertovsky her new good friend Martika Kelly introduces Jenny to a man capable of changing both their lives, F.B.I. Special Agent Marcel Raymond.
Jenny gets words of reassurance as she listens to Martika explain how and why an F.B.I. agent is with her at the meet. Jenny also finds out another bit of news that changes the way she thinks about another person in her life

Chapter 3 of the Hub Pages serial story - The Family Secrets

Rachu and Mama Kumiyaski - The Family Secrets - Chapter 3
All the members of the Demarco family are on their way to the annual family gathering at the sprawling lake house. Cyrus and Elaine, still coming to grips with the realities of their breakup after almost five decades of marriage arrive first, eager to maintain the illusion of their marriage for the sake of their kids.
A surprise awaits as their caretaker Rachu Kumiyaski has his mother settled in the cottage built to the flank of the main house. This is just another of the many unexpected events set to unfold during the fortnight that will reveal many more shocking revelations.

Chapter 33 of the Hub Pages serial story - Jenny's Life

My family means everything - Jenny's Life - Part 33
Finally the day Jenny Drake has anticipated for alomst a year has come, the state track championship finals. She, Tara and Cindy Craven have spent the last half day improving their friendship as they prepare for what is expected to be an unforgettable finals race.
Unexpectedly, as least to Jenny, Pete Pertovsky's dad has showed up at the finals. Jenny prepares herself for a conversation with the head of a family she suddenly has become way too connected with.

Chapter 2 of the Hub Pages serial story - The Family Secrets

Supporting the deception - The Family Secrets - Chapter 2

The family of Cyrus and Elaine DeMarco, their five kids along with several grand children are all on their way to the annual family gathering at their sprawling lake house. Everyone brings a collection of secrets unknown to the others. The house has always had some amount of clandestine activity, but usually just some harmless surprises orchestrated for the benefit of the younger family members. This time around when the secrets begin to be uncovered a long term change to the family will follow.